Genetics in Action activities and tutorials

These activities explore how we as humans use genetics as a tool, and how genetics affects us and other life on the planet.
What is inheritance? What is evolution?
What are mutations? What is genetically modified food?
How will genetics improve fuels? How do scientists use genetics in the lab?


About the site: I developed as a companion website to Everything a cell does is a direct result of the genetics of that cell, whether it is a single-cell organism or part of a much larger organism. Thus, understanding the cells requires an understanding of the basis of all of their behaviors. About the author: I am a microbiologist studying microbial pathogenesis and the host immune response. My studies have included work in many pathogens including Rabies and Influenza viruses, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Francisella tularensis, and Salmonella enterica. I currently live just outside of Philadelphia, PA, where I work as a postdoctoral fellow researching antigen processing and presentation during rabies infection. My email is always open for suggestions, corrections, or any other comments. Please feel free to contact me: