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Using Materials from GeneticsAlive

GeneticsAlive has been provided free of charge and continuously since 2014. Please respect that all content is the property of Jonathan Tabb Sullivan and is subject to international copyright laws. No part of the website may be used for any commercial purpose without first obtaining permission.


Anyone is welcome to link to GeneticsAlive but some restrictions apply.

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In the Classroom


  • access this website from the classroom
  • use images from the site or purchased downloads in class reports, projects, homework, lectures, and handouts but please cite as the source
  • Embeddable activities may be posted to websites within the limits of the embeddable Terms and Conditions.


All Other Uses

A license fee applies to ALL other uses by both "PROFIT" and "NOT-FOR-PROFIT" organizations.

  • internet, intranet (including school classroom networks)
  • distance learning
  • incorporation into CDROM, video, broadcast, cable and other media


For these other uses, please contact GeneticsAlive and provide a specific list of images or activities and how you plan to use them.