This activity is designed to simulate how we use genetics in a laboratory. To prepare yourself for this activity you should first read the section "In The Lab!" If you are ready to try this activity click the next button and lets get started!
Virtual Genetics Lab
Step 3: Observe your mutant bacterial strain and note its behavior and appearance.  Step 4: Return to Step 1 to make a new strain.  Step 5: Compare strains' behavior and appearance to determine role of each gene.
Step 1: Use the first page to design a bacterial strain. Turn genes on or off by using the checkboxes. Step 2: Click "Make Mutant" to run experiments on your new bacterial strain.
Virtual Genetics LabTutorial
Here is how it works: You research the bacterium Bukiae maganoinus. There are three B. maganoinus genes that you want to study. You think the genes have some function important for eating "Food X". Use the check boxes below to turn the genes on and off. Then make your mutant strain. Once you have a mutant you can observe it in the lab to discover what each gene does. GeneA GeneB GeneC
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