GeneticsAlive Crossword #2

This puzzle has vocabulary words found on GeneticsAlive.

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   4    5       6    7    
 9        10         


3. A three base sequence that codes for a single animo acid.
6. Molecule that brings a single amino acid to the ribosome.
8. The end of a gene.
10. Segment of a eukaryotic gene that is translated to protein.
11. Single unit in a DNA or RNA molecule.


1. Segment of a eukaryotic gene that is spliced out before protein translation.
2. It's what genes are made of.
4. Part of a gene that controls expression of the gene.
5. Molecular machine that translates protein from mRNA.
7. Part of the eukarytic cell where the genome is stored.
9. The message that is sent from DNA to the ribosome.
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